Back to Their Family

Today we made the decision to return the old ladies to their herd of rescue Shetland ponies, aka The Minions.

Yes, I loved having them home but……

And there is a big buttt…….. Taktur, our Icelandic stallion, got wind of the girls (mostly because Vitamin was shouting to him) and proceeded to bully the old men, Haakon and Iacs.  Seriously not cool.

I was furious with him.  He was vile.  A whole new low of horridness and, as you know, I don’t do bullies.

We opened the gate and shouted.   Iacs and Haakon did not need asking twice.  They shifted faster than I have seen for a while, rushed through the gate, followed by His Twattness.  I swiftly shut the gate on him.

So the girls had to go back.  Due to our rubbish washing last week, not much grease has gone from their coats and we reckon they will be fine.

Anywho, Albie was thrilled to see his “mother” back.  He loves Fivla and she loves him.

Newt, on the other hoof, followed Vitamin around. He is her second in command and they shared information – please say this with an authentic Russian accent.  Newt is a Russian spy.

My dream of having the old ladies home, at the moment, was not to be.  Taktur is a fully paid up member of Berkdom with Haakon and Iacs suffering his immense Twattitude.  Once through the gate, we could quickly see that Iacs was kicking at his sheath (there was urine dripping too, which was very worrying) so we cold hosed his bits and he is now having anti-inflammatories.  He is looking much better and all symptoms have subsided.

Bloody buggering horses.  Why can’t they just get on?  Those goldfish are looking good.

3 thoughts on “Back to Their Family

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Because they’re perhaps more “human” than we think (or are we like them?)! This is how horses behave where I board Smokey Robinson. However, because they’re corrals, it’s not so noticeable – at least until they get turned out in pasture (separately) and then they run the fence lines trying to “reintroduce” themselves to others they see almost every day!

  2. Sherry Walter

    Go figure, I only have two mountain mares and a mini donkey gelding and i had to put up a barricade in the middle of the hay feeder so there would be peace at mealtime. You’d think they’d get along if only for the companionship! The donkey gravely reserves judgement.

  3. diane in northern wis

    I’m so glad you keep such a good eye on your horses. I can see why goldfish would be looking good these days, but on behalf of your many critters I can only say … Thank God for you!!!


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