Back in work

Taktur started his winter training today.  He had only front shoes put on and off he went.


Apparently he is “just the same” but lacks muscle in his back end.

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So Bjørn, his trainer, said I should ride Taktur most days.

[my cheesey grin]


I was given a quick lesson on what was required and we decided that 20 minutes every day in walk and tölt would help.  I have only previously ridden Taktur in walk so I tried out rising trot (no thank you very much, he has a huge trot and it hurts my back) and then tölt, which was incredible.  I mean I know Haakon and Klængur can tölt, but Taktur’s version left me grinning from ear to ear!


I cannot wait and am now busy putting inspiring and invigorating music on my iPod for 20 minute work-outs.

We are also to practice some dressage if we feel like it.


Taktur is a joy to ride and I think it will do us both good.  You have to “ride” him and not just sit there so it will do me good.


Then I hopped onto Klængur, who resembles a Suffolk Punch or a Comtois (I know, I know) and we pootled around the school having a very jolly time.

Afterwards, he played with a cones.


I love horsey days.

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