Back in the Saddle

Back in the saddle for us all.


While everyone else went out on their horses, I warmed up Haakon in the indoor school ready for a quick impromptu lesson.  Our tölt is very flat and I needed help.

I was told that it all starts with the outline so we worked on that first.

BN2A9996  BN2A9987 BN2A9973


Then Bjørn rode him to get the feel of Haakon. He hasn’t ridden him for a while and of course instantly Haakon went beautifully.  I was very envious.


Meanwhile, BeAnne was helping Taktur.  We caught her “helping” a lot.  Norty little girl.


Then I got back on Haakon and off we went again – our tölt hugely improved.  I have much to work on, I can see, and we will practice, practice, practice.


During the cool-down, I let BeAnne up for a ride too.  She had been asking nicely and we did a few laps together.

BN2A0103 BN2A0110

A reward snack for Haakon while BeAnne had a rest.

Like most little girls, I think she dreams of riding ponies!


(now starts to wonder whether a Minion could be bribed when a bit older!)


3 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Linda

    I love that photo of you and BeAnn on Haakon! Looks like all 3 of you are right where you want to be…

  2. bigears

    I know the feeling! Antoine just needs to look at my gang and they are all butter wouldn’t melt.


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