Back in the Saddle

Floss came home a few days ago and today I found her mucking out the big shed while I played rookie and had gone out for a ride hoping no one would notice.


I will admit to feeling guilty so, to make up for my disappearance, I offered to give Floss a riding lesson on Bimble.


She caught and tacked Bimble up and I could see he was very happy to finally be doing something.  He loves being ridden and has spent many weeks with his head hung over the gate waiting to see if it will ever be his turn.  I am not a huge fan of riding Bimble as he trots and that hurts my back.


Bimble was a very good boy.  He enjoyed himself and I hope Flossie did too.  She remembered everything and the pair of them happily bimbled around the school.


There were even moments of controlled speed with added steering and control!


I think they look very good together and I sincerely hope Floss goes on with this riding thing as I think she has good hands and a lovely seat (though I might take her stirrups up one).


Bimble, of course, after all his hard work, was exhausted and adopted his nose-wheel gait.


I love seeing my daughters ride.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


And is this, could it possibly be, dare I say it?  Tölt?  Maybe, almost. There must be a full moon.




4 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Terri

    Welcome home, Flossie! I’m sure your mum is happy to have you back in the nest for awhile. You look like a natural rider — complete with Fair Isle yolked sweater!

  2. Sam

    What Mum wouldn’t be pleased as punch that her child enjoys the same passions as herself?
    Lovely sweater on a lovely girl on a lovely horse.


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