Don’t Ask Twice

Storm Desmond seems reluctant to leave us but everyone needs fresh air after a night indoors. This afternoon I only happened to say “Do you….” and whoosh, the whole lot zoomed up the hill.


This morning I put Delia in her lovely new rug.  It is perfect for her – fits beautifully and she is much happier in it.  She didn’t even argue when I put it on – usually we go round and round a bit first.  This rug has given Delia new life.


I can still see the sparkle in her eyes and she is walking, trotting and cantering with the others and is very much part of the herd, bossing the youngsters about.  It makes me very happy.  She is a dear old girl.


Her friend, Vitamin, is the complete opposite.  She is the most determined Shetland pony I know.  The word “No” does not feature in her vocabulary.  She barges past to where she wants to go and God help anyone who gets in her way.


Hetja is still the boss, though.  She leads the herd and they follow.  Very much Queen Hetja.


“Bring ’em home, Hetja” is what I shout and home they all go.


I then went to the back field where Kappi and Taktur were perfecting their psychic messaging to me – they wanted to come in too.  So I shouted for the stragglers and whoosh, there they were!

BN2A9251 BN2A9256

The boys are all in the big indoor school with hay and silage out.  I also moved the Minions in there as they miss their big guys and are getting rather bored of being bossed around by the girls.

BN2A9259 BN2A9261 BN2A9264

A  mega-mucking out tomorrow.  Yay (said with no enthusiasm)



3 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Twice

  1. Darby

    yes, I definitely see the sparkle in Delia’s eye! I love her blue rug, perfect for her.
    be warm and cozy everyone!


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