The Last Sleigh round Lerwick

I pulled my sleigh round Lerwick for the last time before Christmas (I write hopefully).  I filled it up with bags of horse food and various things I deemed a necessity rather than a luxury, like Chinese ingredients for Floss’ immense cookathons – she is very good.


With my camera slung round my neck, I wandered the deserted streets of Lerwick looking for Christmas inspiration.


I doubt any high street in Britain looks like this two and a half weeks before Christmas.  It is very depressing.

L1190540  L1190538

The shops had made a Christmassy effort, which was lovely.


Lunch was spent sitting in the car, eating fish and chips (with extra vinegar, please) looking at the waves crashing down in front of us.  There is nothing better, in my opinion.


The very definition of awesome.


I am not very good at shopping these days. I get bored easily, talk myself out of whatever it was I wanted and then give up and go home.  Which is exactly what I did today.


The horses are all happily outside and although it is very windy, it is also quite warm (10 degrees celsius) so they can stay out tonight.

However, my best surprise today was this…..

Haynet Blogger of the Year 2015 Winner Badge

Yay.  Get me!  A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me.  I appreciate it hugely and winning means a great deal (it is not just the taking part, you know – never believe that!)


🎂 🎀 🎂 🎀  🎂 🎀 🎂 🎀 🎂 🎀 🎂 🎀 🎂 🎀 🎂 🎀 🎂 🎀 🎂 🎀

15 thoughts on “The Last Sleigh round Lerwick

  1. Jean

    Well done on winning, you do deserve it! Your commitment to the blog is amazing and you give a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. You also show the dedication and care that is needed to keep horses happy in Shetland! That’s besides the lovely photos you post! I hope you are suitably chuffed now after a pretty miserable visit to Lerwick!

  2. Linda

    HOORAY, YOU WON!!! (and rightly so, it’s about time) ! Now on to Best Blog on the Internet!!!

    P.S. I’m thinking some folks returning from the crazy-Christmas malls are enchanted to see those quiet streets of Lerwick.

    P.S.S. I have the same reaction you do, shopping around and coming home with nothing. I do more damage online, though…

  3. Jean Ward

    Well done Frances! We all voted for you because you brighten our days. Here in Orkney we are not quite so remote and the weather is usually not quite so foul but you touch a nerve with your perceptive remarks. Keep it up! Jean

  4. Linda

    I’m pleased as punch that you are now a 3? Or 4? x winner of this hard-earned award Frances! I always vote for you, and I love to introduce my pony peeps to your blog. Jean Ward is right – you touch a nerve and it’s not infrequently that I sit here dabbing my eyes with a tissue while reading your blog 😉 …sniff!! Pile on the inspiration because I’m ready to break new ground in 2016!! Much love…your biggest fan in New York…who became enamored of pony driving thanks to your videos…and who reads you faithfully every week if not day…and who became a pony owner last year in part because of being inspired by you…THANK YOU!!! Lots of love!!!

  5. Cathy

    Well done! Your blog is the highlight of my evening and you deserved to win. I love the shots of all your animal family and the beautiful wildlife and scenery of Shetland.

  6. Terri

    Wonderful news! I knew you’d win — my OH cast the winning vote! (JK, you probably won by a landslide) Thank you ever so much for the joy you bring to others — you may lead a somewhat reclusive lifestyle, but you have friends and fans in far places.

  7. Rebecca Final

    Heartiest congratulations Frances. Well deserved. I love your photos and charming dialog. LOVE the ocean pic just above the ponies! Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your world.

    Northern California USA

  8. Darby

    congratulations Frances, though I certainly am not surprised. you bring much joy to your followers with your images of beautiful landscapes and beautiful animals. I tell all my friends to have a look. you never fail to bring a smile to my face, except perhaps in the rare instances where you bring a tear to my eye.
    well done!

  9. Vicki

    Yeay! Congrats! I’ll keep this short, but my feelings mirror many of those who wrote above. Sainte! (where’s that G&T?)

  10. Sam

    Congrats on the Blog win. You present Shetland in a wonderful, charming and delightful way. So much so, I have added coming there to my travel bucket list. I too am not yet in the holiday spirit. Our temps in Connecticut have been 10 – 15 degrees above normal, so I blame global warming for my lack of cheer.
    Love the picture of WU!

  11. Kim

    So very happy for you, Frances!!!!!

    PS: I don’t know if you have to pay for each design, but a puffin mug would just be spiffy. 🙂


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