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I received a message from Jo this morning saying that Haakon was not happy and standing by himself in their vast field, totally ostracised by the others.  My poor lad.  I instantly got up, dressed and in the Land Rover to bring him home.

That dot in the distance is Haakon all by himself.


Here is Klængur preventing Haakon from joining the others (most odd, they are good friends at Thordale).


And Les Girls miles away ignoring the equine politics.


As the sun was shining and we had so enjoyed the beach yesterday, I tacked Haakon up while Jo tacked up Hetja and off we went again for another “training session”, ok blast!

IMG_0910 IMG_0906

I thought Haakon might be stiff from yesterday’s ride but he was rearing to go, quite literally – nothing scary, we know each other well.  Note the left ear back listening, always listening to his Mum.


Anywho, afterwards,I drove him home to Thordale.   Everyone was very pleased to see him, especially Taktur, my stallion who decided to follow him everywhere much to Haakon’s annoyance.

BN2A5861BN2A5884 BN2A5875

Taktur said he could smell girls and he liked that.


We had worked hard on today’s ride and I could see that Haakon really wanted to be left alone so he could roll.


Haakon is a funny old thing.  I suppose it is a bad time of year to introduce an old man into a herd of girls.  Klængur has been happily having his wicked way with them all so was not going to let Haakon near his ladies.  Haakon was a serving stallion many moons ago (he has progeny) and this is the first year I have seen him not trying to take all the mares for himself.  He was so pleased to be home, though.


2 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. Linda

    It’s a good thing Haakon has a kind mommy to come and get him and bring him home when he’s not having a good time.

  2. lesley cafferky

    Its horrible when you see them stuck by themselves when in a field of ‘herd’ ponies. I used to hate to put Crofty anywhere that he was not welcomed.. AT but they cope. Its when they are bullied I hate it. I never was strong on that point…daft softy that I am. Well Frances you did what I would have done… He is home !!!! We all know of course, give another dayhe would have been at home !!!!lol x


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