Hot Bebbies

Yesterday, as you might be aware, was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining and the thermometer was hitting 10 degrees centigrade (that is almost summer temperatures for us).  The bebbies were hit hard by this new warmth.  They are still wearing their full winter coats despite some ineffectual brushing by me.  The one who felt it most was little Waffle.  I could hear him breathing, almost panting, as he stood beside me.

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A few days’ ago, I had stripped BeAnne’s winter coat as she was beginning to resemble a bog-brush.

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10 minutes with the Mars Coat King, and she was back to her beautiful Spring self.


I thoroughly recommend this (as well as a trusty old Mason & Pearson hairbrush) – it does the job.


Feeling very sorry for the boys in this heat, I stripped a bit of their coats using my two “brushes” to see if that would cheer them up.  Silver would have none of it really.  He tolerated a few strokes and walked off.


Storm was a little better but then wanted to talk to Silver.


Lastly it was Waffle’s turn.  He would’ve been stripped all day and followed me if I went to try the others again.  In the end I sat down and he stood beside me letting me brush and strip his coat.  For 20 minutes, no headcollar, no nothing, he would occasionally turn his nosey to me for a kiss.  It was very special.  There was fur everywhere which I duly collected up as cleanly as possible.

Here it is – One and a half ounces.  I shall keep saving it as I do a little at a time.  The boys are going to be castrated soon so I will probably exchange it for any small donation to the cost of these three essential operations.

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4 thoughts on “Hot Bebbies

  1. Debbie Twomey

    I am trying to shed out my blessed troll bunch with an equine furminator. Works well, but rather large for my littlest. I suppose I could try a canine furminator but will look up the brushes you have mentioned. So happy that the bebbes are staying with you. We are all enjoying watching them grow.

  2. Linda

    With a malamute, I think I need to look this up. Her fur is everywhere now – what possessed us to get a dark green carpet, I’ll never know…
    The bebbies fur is beautiful to look at – such wonder natural shades!


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