Aunt Kate’s Diaries

Well, I have been working hard and made a few decisions.

Aunt Kate’s diaries now have their own separate website and, as I transcribe my little leather suitcase of tiny books, I will put up my results hoping someone might be interested and read them.  There is a link from this website to the diary one and vice versa so it might result in increased traffic, and probably more spam!

Transcribing the diaries and adding them to the website is work-in-progress. As well as learning to decipher Aunt Kate’s teensy-tinesy writing, I am also at the opposite end of this spectrum learning how to use F***ing WordPress (as it is now known in this house). You may be able to sense the hostility in my typing but I spent most of last night fighting with the new ruddy website until a friend came to the rescue!  (❤️ you know who you are, a lifesaver, and a huge thank you ❤️)

Your help is (and has been) invaluable and I shall call on the “hive mind” to solve any writing problems I have.  I am so grateful knowing you are also around to assist, translate and decipher with me.  The task feels less daunting.

I strongly recommend you read the Family History bit as the background is fascinating, though I am again struggling with WordPress and its abilities to randomly place pictures (gah!)

Don’t fret about the animals. Obviously they all come first, as well as any house chores before I even let myself go into my she-shed, sit down with a cup of tea and start typing out the writing.  Did I mention it is tiny?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new website.  I need to work out how to collate the years for easier navigation and also the footnotes too, which I think are essential.  They worked fine on Office (Word) but if I want them on WP, I have to upgrade my account, pay more….. dammit.


12 thoughts on “Aunt Kate’s Diaries

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Well, I for one will enjoy reading the diaries!

    You are super woman – with all that you’re doing. Though I know everyone helps, you still do a tremendous amount. Keep it up as I can just sit back and enjoy.

  2. Joe Boyd

    Oh, Frances! What a task you have undertaken! I eagerly look forward to each installment. I do not know yet whether Aunt Kate was a relative or not (our family genealogist is working on it), but I would be most happy to claim kin.

  3. Robert Kenward

    Speaking from sorry experience, be careful as to the amount of access you allow to your new postings/blog. As I’m sure you are well aware, not all viewers are as caring as to where they ‘find’ their information nor what they ‘do’ with it.
    Placed a large and well documented family tree on Ancestory, only to have it “borrowed “ and greatly expanded with erroneous data, due to my own lack of security knowledge.

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you, Bob, I hear what you say. Not sure what to do really. All thoughts appreciated. Hope you’re keeping well.

      1. Robert Kenward

        Not being familiar with the application you are using to display the notebooks, I can only speak in generalities…… But would hope that you can allow “viewing”, while disallowing “cut/copy/paste” type activities. Highly simplified, but that’s how I work.

  4. Cathy

    I’m intrigued by the frequent appearance of “played balls” I imagine it’s some form of exercise, maybe bowls (?) but do you have any ideas?

    Also rather enjoying the many mentions of areas which I know well. Finchley Road, Swiss Cottage etc. They were a rather privileged family to have had so many Sergeant portraits, really gives you a sense of their individual personalities.

    1. Frances Post author

      They were friends with Sargent. As Fred was an illustrator and they lived in Broadway, where Sargent also lived, they all knew each other.

  5. Deb Twomey

    I am so thrilled to be a part of you Aunt’s journey (and yours). Please consider publishing when complete. I will be the first to purchase


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