Around and About the Croft

Carrots, anyone?

And Waffle?  To be fair, I had just moved a few fence posts back for a wee bit of grazing and only Waffle had worked it out.

Meanwhile, the old men were wandering around like Colonel Hathi’s regiment of elephants!

And for some reason, the sheep had run home out of their field.

They were in a state of conniption.

Most, except for Maggie and Edna.

It was the midges. They had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and in a viscious mood.

Poor Lambie was hysterical despite his anti-midge collar.

Meanwhile in Duckland…… Ducky #1 Club were enjoying their wheelbarrow/pond arrangement.   They have grown hugely. I still think there are two boys and one girl.

Can you see the midges?  They are everywhere and I may be a little obsessed.

With Ducky #2 Club, daughter is huge (I am pretty sure she is a she).

Everyone is bothered by the midges.  There is no escape (she types as she goes inside shutting every window and lighting many joss sticks).  Gah!


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