Après Shearing

Everyone is always a bit weird after shearing and this year was no exception.

Although the bickering had stopped and Little Missy had found her mother again and had shut up, they were all fairly unsettled. I could see that.

So I spent the afternoon in the Boyzen and Girlzen’s field scratching, hugging and telling everyone they were still beautiful.

This is the only day in the whole year that Lambie is affectionate and loves his Muzzah.  I spent a good hour telling him what a handsome prince he was. He has some major self-esteem issues (pink under the wool)  and worries that he is ugly and everyone will point and laugh.  Absolutely not!

‘Bert sidled up and was very sweet, which was adoreable.  He has really suffered with his fleece this early Summer and is now feeling a whole lot better.


‘Ster and I had words – mostly about barging past everyone and being rude.  He sulked and stayed away

Missy was her usual silly self.  She nibbled everything she could (me, my Painpod wire, me, my coat, me, my camera, me) and then sat down.  She is mahoosive now.  Not a little lamb, now a sheeplet.

Edna sat close by enjoying a moment to herself to chew her cud.  She looked very content while I was nibbled by her daughter.

Madge was also nearby and looking very good. I am so proud of how those two have bounced back into health.  It was touch and go to start with and I worried.

Anyway, I made the most of Lambie’s Nice Day because it is as rare as hen’s teeth and he was back to being my little Lamb again. Awwwww….. ❤️❤️❤️ (I have very low standards and maybe desperate).



7 thoughts on “Après Shearing

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Butt (intentional), it’s not your standards, but their’s and if they had a good day all-round, hooray. Personally, I think they all look just lovely. Tomorrow it can be your standards.

  2. Elaine

    Tell Lambie that I admire his spots very much. I think he is beautiful. They all must feel lighter and cooler; what a nice little flock you have now.

  3. Sam

    It does warm one’s heart when the Big Boys become small cuddle buddies again…As for Lambie, he is still handsome. Missy is still cute. And you still have the magical loving touch to bring critters back from the brink to a well loved and well fed animal. Go you!


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