Happy Waffle Day

Welcome to my field.  My name is Waffle and I am your nominated Best Friend.

And excuse me, please forgive me for asking Madame or Miss, but would you happen to have a carrot about your person (asking for a friend)?

Perhaps Madame or Miss you could look in your pockets a bit faster.  I apologise but my friend is hungry!

Oh, you do!  Thank you so much Madame or Miss. Please place said carrot piece in my mouth and I will pass it on to my friend….. possibly later.

(gulps quickly)

As your nominated Best Friend, I must now ask you to sit down (feel free to place your feet in the ditch) and I will carry out my Best Friend duties.

Ah yes, Madame or Miss, I have suddenly had a carroty whiff from your pocketses and have remembered that you may have more.  Please hand them over.  For my friend, obviously.

Well, how could anyone resist?

The best kind of hugging or mugging. It depends on your perspective.

8 thoughts on “Happy Waffle Day

  1. Kay Smith

    Oh, the memories! A long time ago when I was very young, my grandparents (grandad was an immigrant from Scotland) had a farm, and granddad farmed with a team of Belgians. They were my best friends when I was small. One of them did the sniffing for treats (gran always gave me bites for them) – and she wanted to snuggle, too. Her head was almost as large as my whole self, and she learned to not lean gently so she didn’t knock me down!


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