Another Sign

Another sign – *** sigh *** because apparently horses and ponies standing by a fence or gate is actually an invitation for the public to go in!

Who knew?

So OH sweetly designed and constructed overnight Sign No 3 to add to the others, which is very depressing as I hate having to use them.  But needs must when the Devil vomits in your kettle. Albie is not helping my argument either.

I daubed on the suntan lotion, as required.

Kissed the noseys of those that asked.

Told Fivla to stop “inviting” folk in by looking quite so lovely.

And told them all to go and get a job looking for grass down the furthest end of their field, where there is loads – I sent them off with a collective flea in their ears.

So of course Team B were ready to take the scroungers baton.  I sent them off as well.

And then I spent the afternoon sat in my field with someone I could talk to.

She did her best to listen.

With her darling long lugs.

Gah.  Just gah!

7 thoughts on “Another Sign

  1. Kerry

    Well if those don’t work I think a super big one in RED CAPITAL LETTERS
    “Can all F**kwits who can’t read the first 3 signs,
    Please do not feed/enter/ dump garden waste as ignoring my requests is going to murder the ponies”

    Hope your collection does the trick though.
    And what a sympathetic and lovely long listening ear to pour your troubles into. Adding my hugs to Missey’s Lambie love

  2. annie vanderven

    could you install cameras to catch who ever does this, you are only protecting your animals from 2 legged ones

  3. mandy

    don’t shout at me…but does not the right to roam create a few difficulties for you here? ( i’m on yoyr side)

  4. Deb

    Just sticking up for dumbbutts like me. I did not know that grass clippings were bad. Have never given them to a horse other than a handful on the other side of the fence. But now I’m educated. It’s hard to resist a nice animal looking at you hopefully.
    OH’s signs are lovely.


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