Another Horse!

A new horse arrived here at Thordale.

Yes, I am cutting back and no, I don’t need another one but…… well, you know how it is.

He is a beautiful dapple grey with luscious mane and tail….. and he arrived with a full set of fitting tack too.

He is just the right size for me and looks stunning.  We’re keeping him indoors as he is a bit sensitive to the harsh Shetland weather.

I am so pleased!

This is Phar-Lap.  Mum and Alec Kinane from Legends Rocking Horses designed him.  Mum’s perfect rocking horse and he is now living here in Shetland.


12 thoughts on “Another Horse!

  1. Sam

    Good one! I fell for it. Now to keep Monster, Pepper and Sheeple from chewing on his lovely tail.

  2. NancyMac

    That was BRILLIANT!!! Full on mouth on floor ’till I saw the truck and rocking horse. Such a beauty and he/she won’t give any guff either…lol

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Hopefully cheap to keep, no danger of laminitis and won’t need the farrier or the vet. An all round winner!

  4. Rebecca

    I grinned whenI saw his name! In Australia, country people still use the term “they have a heart as big as Phar Lap’s” to describe a particularly generous, kind, thoughtful person. Hmm…like you, Frances.


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