No Room For Anything Now.

Piles and piles of stuff now inhabit the empty part of my shed.  All covered with dust-cloths against the pesky birds.

Some stuff has made it into the house (I “did” five boxes today and distributed everything far and wide).  I swear it has all grown in size since I saw it in Mum’s house and thought it might look nice in mine.

And Mum’s huge tapestry arrived all rolled up. It spent the night on the sofa and today I found a certain little doglet using it as just the best spot for looking out of the window!

This is the face of someone who didn’t want to be moved. Interestingly, Ted is sniffing around but not really making any links, which is good. I would hate him to be anxious.

Anyway, OH did his best and with some jiggery-pokery, moving things around and swearing, the tapestry was put up.

I won’t lie, I am not sure how I feel about it to be perfectly honest.  It is darker than I remember. We are ordering some lights to see if that improves it.

I’ve decided to live with it a for a while and see.

Meanwhile, I need to get back doing this…. yes, that’s me riding Dreki.  We can walk a circuit of the school, being led!  You have no idea just how proud of this I am.  It is a huge achievement for both of us.

(**** sigh **** so much stuff, so much to do, and so little time. I feel a bit overloaded.)

8 thoughts on “No Room For Anything Now.

  1. Sam

    I know the pain of trying to find places to treasures we inherit. It is okay to try to add to your house but then know an item needs to travel to their next home. Even if it makes a wonderful look-out station for a pup. And GO YOU! Riding!!!!!

  2. m in nc

    Love the tapestry, but then I have always loved the fiber arts. 🙂
    You and Dreki look good together. Makes me smile too.

    And don’t let those pesky birds or any other varmints get into all the new boxes.
    I understand the difficulties and I have some similar tasks to do myself.

  3. darby callahan

    so hard knowing what to do with the treasures of our elders. I remember years ago feeling guilty that I did not take the antique furniture my aunt left when she passed. it was elaborate, dark and heavy, my family was disappointed but I knew I did not want to live with it. Always glad for this decision. Good for you riding Dreki! this is about where I am at. I did try a short trot while led by my daughter on Sunday. and survived!

    1. Frances Post author

      Oooh well done you. Not got to trot yet! Early days. I am very impressed, though (and a bit jealous).

  4. diane in northern wis

    Beautiful tapestry! So many new things. Is there room in your house? You’ll figure that out as time goes along, I would guess. Love that pic of you and Dreki! So great!

  5. Shelley

    Have you already told us about the origin of the tapestry? Did your Mum make it? Nice pic on Dreki.

    1. Frances Post author

      Mum made the tapestry. It took her ten years and was her labour of love.
      She designed it all herself, drawing it onto the blank material.
      It has some special mementos of her life in it.


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