Another Day in the Life of Weird!

I noticed Monster was sitting next to OH in a sort of Right-Hand-Of-The-Father way (only it was Left) and so I took a photo, looked at it and remarked “but you’re both not smiling”.

Monster, obviously understanding my every word, moved over.

He took the direct route.

So then OH smiled nicely for the camera.

And Monster smiled fatly and he was sitting on the Right Hand of his Father!

So that was the morning weirdness.

This afternoon took a slightly different form.  BeAnne and I were in the hill on our after-lunch little walk.  Monster thought he was being invisible but BeAnne spied him!  She ran over.

Monster decided on the stalking approach.

I call this photo “Cat, what cat?”

Meanwhile, Daisy was kindly schooling Klængur for me and Monster obviously was in attendance.  I like the way they both stop, waiting patiently for the “chicken to cross the road”, like this is an everyday occurrence.

It was all just weird.  Why are my animals like this?

7 thoughts on “Another Day in the Life of Weird!

  1. Sam

    Well now we know who trained who in Monster’s world. Well done!
    That is one satisfied cat next to OH. As for the game of chase in the field….I don’t think BeAnne comes out the winner given the strut thru the horse ring.

  2. Linda

    Well…why do we have/love our animals? Because we never know what they’ll do next… how boring life would be without them!

  3. Elva

    I think Monster makes up for his lack of stripes with his most amazing personality!! He is definitely one in a million, and your photos certainly capture his spirit!!!!!


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