Daisy Teaches

Last week, when we moved everyone to their new field (about 1/4 mile down the road), it swiftly became apparent that two certain young Icelandic ladies had forgotten all they had ever learned about leading nicely.  There was “kite flying”, which is never pretty. So Daisy and I decided that, as this is an essential life-skill for any equine, we would gently remind them what was (and always will be) required.

Today, we drove over armed with the necessary (small bits of carrot, head-collars, lead ropes, a stick).  We had a bit of an audience when Daisy caught and we led Lilja and Sóley over the road to the opposite field.  The Shetlands were more than happy to keep well out of this.

While I held Lilja, Daisy led Sóley around and reminded her of her manners and re-taught her leading skills.

Lilja’s eyes never left Sóley.  They are very “attached” to each other. Hmmm……

Meanwhile, there was no Shetland audience participation as a neighbour had kindly cut up and apple and was feeding them.  A good diversionary tactic.  Waffle has been known to go over the fence to “help”.

Handover and I kept Sóley entertained while it was Lilja’s turn to have her manners refreshed.  She did not watch Lilja.

Which was interesting.

Daisy’s consistent and quietly insistent training worked very well on both Lilja and Sóley.  They learned what we wanted and we will reguarly be working with them.

I am very lucky to have her here.

2 thoughts on “Daisy Teaches

  1. diane in northern wis

    Very cool story about Daisy teaching Lilja and Soley what for. They’re such beautiful animals if a little naughty from time to time. You are blessed to have Daisy there to help out and all the critters should also be blessed to have you there, always ready and willing to help with whatever is needed. I loved all the pics today and the story. Thank you Frances!

  2. Sam

    Interesting who watches who….does that mean a possible seperation next summer?
    Daisy certainly has the touch to teach horses – you are a lucky mom to have her.


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