Driving Miss Andy!

Andy hasn’t been driven for a while and we need him for Monday.


So we cleaned him up, harnessed him up and showed him his four-wheel cart.


Being Andy, he said he remembered and it was all no problem.


And so off they went.


Andy had forgotten nothing and wore his driving hat as opposed to his ridden hat like a pro.


Well, he is a pro.  Andy and his brother have been driven at many national and county shows in both singles, pairs and tandem.


He turned beautifully on both reins and told us he had forgotten nothing.


So that’s good.  We have clean pony, clean harness and clean cart and we are ready for tomorrow.


I had brought Haakon into the school to give Andy some company.  My equestrian input today was to teach BeAnne how to jump from a bucket onto Haakon’s back, where she quickly made herself at home.


Haakon has been driven in his youth.  He quite liked it though he thought the shafts on his sides meant he had to keep going fast.  He watched his friend Andy but didn’t want to join in.  There was a haynet with his name on waiting.


BeAnne played a supportive role.


5 thoughts on “Driving Miss Andy!

  1. Rebecca Final

    I am in love with BeAnne. And frankly the ponies for allowing her to mount up. Adorable pictures. I’m just starting my shetland with ground driving and can’t wait to get her hitched. She’s an American Foundation which is much more like your lovely ponies and not like a shrunk down standardbred.

  2. Elisabeth

    Really like the driving pictures.
    What is the make of cart ?
    I used to have a Fenix Flyer (for a pair of Shetlands)by Mark Broadbent
    Used it in Xcountry Driving trials.

  3. Karen

    Love that BeAnne uses the Haakon as her personal hot water bottle. The look of bliss on her face is quite something 😀


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