And We’re Back!

Hello everyone.  We are now back from the Land of No Internet.

I could rant about my service provider but suffice it to say, having had the full gamut of emotions, I am now in a calm place.

What has been going on since my last proper blog?  Quite a bit.

Newt has been castrated – huzzah!  He is now a de-nutted Newt and that is a good way forward for our little boy.  It all went smoothly.

Flossie has been to a horse show (Houlls Horses and Hounds End of Season Show) with her Icelandic orange rocket, Klængur.

They won their first red rosette (1st) too.

First in Any Speed Tölt Class.

The weather started out revolting – wet and windy.

We came prepared and decided it was “a typical Shetland show day”.

It did clear up as the day went on

We were a tad nervous about travelling Klængur by himself but he loaded like a pro, travelled quietly and stood happily munching his hay taking it all in.

Another class – Four Gait – and, apart from no trot because Klængur was very excited and speedy, he managed a very credible canter, another awesome tölt and a good walk.

What can I say? Klængur and Floss made a great team.

Fourth for that effort.

Lunch and then onto the fun stuff.

The Beer Tölt. A traditional Icelandic horse pastime.

Yup, you’ve got it, you have to tölt around the arena carrying a full mug of beer.

This, perhaps, is not Klængur’s strongest class – he bombed round, while Floss giggled helplessly trying to ride him with one-hand and they ended up with no beer.

This is the winner and you may recognise Esja who has belonged to Lauren for a few years now.

Beer Tölt, however, is not all about the riding on both reins with a full glass of beer.

Afterwards the judge calls you in, makes all the drinks the same level and then you have to neck the lot as quickly as possible.


And stick the mug upside down on your head!

So, yes, we have been busy having fun!

(no cheating is allowed!)


(I will sort out the dvd’s and who sent what.

Postage costs are –

£3.80 to Europe
£5.05 to the Rest of the World)



3 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

  1. Sam

    Dealing with internet providers is enough to make anyone drink heavily. Congrats to Floss and Klaengur on the rosettes and having fun with the beer tolt. Hopefully Newt is recovered and still his happy self.

  2. Darby

    congratulations Floss and Klaengur! happy to see you are back, I was worried as I heard on the news that there was a hurricane in parts of Scotland.


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