And Off She Goes Again

Daisy is off to Norway again for the foreseeable. I do hope they send her home for Christmas.  That would be nice, though it is up to her if she wants to come home.  I never force, only suggest!

As this is Daisy’s last full day before she goes on the boat tomorrow, she got to call the shots.  After our flute lesson (read torment for our teacher), we had a lovely lunch at the Bonhoga Gallery.


Then a walk on the beach, for perspective and any potential home-sickness, was required so we went to Sandness with the dogs.

BN2A2115 BN2A2132 BN2A2142

The dogs had a lovely time too.

BN2A2146 BN2A2153 BN2A2164 BN2A2189

Lastly, off to say goodbye to Lyra Lyra Pants-on-Fyra.

BN2A2240 BN2A2245 BN2A2257 BN2A2258  BN2A2280 BN2A2290 BN2A2304

I think Daisy will miss us all.  I know we will her (slightly, ok, only a little, probably not very much, if at all really).

7 thoughts on “And Off She Goes Again

  1. Terri

    **sniff** (Oh, the pride/sadness of seeing a child launched.) I’m happy Daisy had such a nice last day at home (for awhile). And I love the photos of her and Lyra — and their two beautiful manes! Will you visit her in Norway once she’s settled?

  2. Deb Twomey

    Lyra pictures left me in tears..Can’t she go with? You will visit her..won’t you? Please tell me what she is doing…

    1. Frances Post author

      Deb, I may visit – not sure yet if having her Mum turn up is the best idea!

      Daisy is training 7 youngsters and then working around the yard (ie poo-picking, feeding, more poo-picking, more feeding). She has shares a flat with another girl and they have a car they can use.

      So exciting times.

  3. Cate

    Best of luck, Daisy, and Frances, you know they can take the girl out of Thordale, but they can’t take Thordale out of the girl. 🙂


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