A few Experiments

I took my camera with me on the dog walk and had a play.

I have a love/hate relationship with photographic effects at the best of times, including Instagram filters, but sometimes, just sometimes I like to muck around with my pictures to see if it will improve them, so tried some of the black-and-white effects that my software offers to see what would happen.

My jury is still out.

This is the sea over the cliffs and fields at Watsness on the “sunny Westside” of Shetland.  The sun was trying hard and all it could achieve was mercury-silver patches.


Thistle leaves with water droplets.


A thistle flowerhead


Water droplets in woollen clumps lying in the scattald from Shetland hill sheep.


Strands of Shetland wool blowing in the wind.


Today, I thought I would photograph some supermodels and continue my filter theme to see if it was a good or bad thing.





BN2A2083 BN2A2087



My jury is still out.  I dunno.  Black and white is ok but I think it is all bit too poncey for me (everytime I look at Lambert, the name Damien Hurst flashes up!)

(afterwards, this is where I found “Naomi” and “Kate” so back to earth and real life with a bump then!)


Still a change is as good as a rest.

5 thoughts on “A few Experiments

  1. Sandra Coffman

    Your blog is one of my favorite ones. Love your pictures. May I make a suggestion? When you are going to change a picture to black and white or you are going to edit a picture–reset the exposure setting. We have a lot of sun over here in Florida, USA and I usually set it for a little under exposure.

      1. Sandra Coffman

        I shot in RAW so I have to do a lot of editing but I love the results. But it does slow me down and I get way behind in editing. I am trying to catch up–only about a thousand more pictures to edit, not counting the couple of hundred I may take tomorrow on a road trip. LOL

  2. Linda Addison

    Very impressive pictures, especially the first one. And the wonderful Taktur of course. But I prefer sheep when they’re whiter.


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