An Unexpected Day

It was an unexpected day.


Daisy and I popped to the shop to post some letters and met a friend, Bessie, walking her dog, Mootie, to get her messages.  Afterwards, we were going to drive around mainland Shetland to find some big waves to photograph.


I remembered an excellent place on the east side where I had once seen an impressive wall of water but never managed to take photos.


We were just standing in the shop porch chatting with Bessie and Mootie when the heavens opened.   Well obviously we could not let Bessie walk back home in that and so we gave them a lift to their house.  While there, I took some photos of some sparrows standing on the harled outside vertical wall of the house.  Very clever.


I mentioned to Bessie that we would be driving round looking for waves and so she, now minus dog, joined us.


Here are some photos from our travels.  I was looking for waves or different scenery.  We failed rather dismally on the wave front (wind was not in the right direction) but it was nice to go somewhere completely different. We drove around like trippers admiring the scenery.


There was a bit of snow about and I drove carefully.  Every so often, I would screech the car to a halt, leap out and take a photo trying to dodge the rain.  Daisy was armed with a lens cloth so she could clean the camera afterwards. I have her well-trained.


Now here is very rare sight.  Proper full-grown trees in Shetland.


Mostly, it looks like this.


And this was our reward for a hard day’s work of driving, chatting and me leaping out to take photos.


It was yum.

9 thoughts on “An Unexpected Day

  1. Karen

    Oooh where did you go for the hot chocolate? I am rather partial to those once in a while, especially with the flake…a hot version of a ’99’ 😀

  2. Linda

    What a great day you had (and quite the appropriate ending to it, as well).
    Beautiful photography, Frances. I loved every single one!

  3. Terri

    Thanks, Frances — I feel as if I had been along for the ride. (and I can almost taste your special treat at the end!) I especially love the first photo.

  4. Lucy Konstam

    Fabulous photos as always Frances – lovely to be taken on your journey with you – originally thought the first pic was a pastel drawing – had you edited it or did it come out like that?


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