Always Playing

Mud – mud is all around us, it’s everywhere we go.  I am very bored of it now and yet, compared to south, we have got off lightly.  At least we are not underwater.


Despite this, we are all still managing to ride but mostly in the indoor school.  I have started to ride Haakon again and Flossie is getting along magnificently with Klaengur.


Everyone is bearing up well, if stickily because they tend to wear their daily soaked sugarbeet feed rather than eat it nicely.  Waffle and Storm are positively crunchy and despite being regularly brushed, they look like guttersnipes (that is what my mother would call them).

BN2A0829 BN2A0837

Meanwhile Silver is making plans…..


You can almost see the light bulb that lives in his brain light up and the cogs start to whirr….


He wants to see if he can fit a whole Tiddles in his mouth.


And Tiddles, being Tiddles, thinks it is a fun sport because he knows Silver is not doing out of malice but more out of fun and experimentation.  They are very good friends.  In fact all The Minions are.


I put out hay for everyone but only Hetja and Hjalti were keen on it – more out of politeness than anything else.  I think Hetja was teaching her son that it is rude not to always make a clean plate even if you don’t like it (ie me and brussel sprouts)


He is a well brought up little boy and anyway there are always plenty of “vultures” around to help tidy up.


1 thought on “Always Playing

  1. Linda

    Tiddles looks SO happy with the attention from Storm!

    I think the ponies are reflecting this time of year, wherever it’s cold and stormy. Around here, everyone’s yards look abandoned, there are piles of boughs, branches and needles alongside all the streets and roads, and our dog’s paws are a couple of shades darker from the mud. Spring will come (I promise) and everything will be beautiful and clean again, even the ponies. 🙂


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