So Sorry Lambie

Lambie has sort-of horns.  Nothing to write home about horns, but horns nonetheless and he is quite proud of them.

Being Lambie, of course, they are not normal horns that grow like they should.  No, that would be too easy.  Lambie’s horns are different and turn a corner growing straight into his skull, if allowed.  As a good Muzzah, I don’t want this to happen so I usually trim them with the dog’s nail-clipping scissors.

On Monday, however, I decided to rasp down one errant horn but I made little, if any, progress.  Looking around me for a better tool, I found a pair of hoof clippers and tried with that.

Horreur des horreurs!  His horn fell off in my hand.  I felt sick with guilt and Lambie looked surprised, but luckily not too bothered.  Where his horn had been was a nasty little bloody stumpette.   I immediately reached for my purple spray (“the default foot treatment and sanitizing spray of the sheep farmer”).

We all agreed that Lambie quite suited purple.  I was speaking to the vet nurse about another matter and happened to mention my mutilation of Lambie, and the nurse suggested using Turquoise spray – Terramycin Spray (local antibiotic).   Lambie, however, was less keen on this (maybe it was colder) and my aim wandered.  As you can see he now looks like someone putting on their makeup on in a taxi (wait for second sketch – hilarious)!

BN2A0734BN2A0805BN2A0725 BN2A0726 BN2A0731

Anyway, luckily Ster (as in Lambster) still loves his BFF.  Note too that Ster’s running is much better.  He bounces all over the place with happiness and he is slightly showing off that his horns are fine!


Anywho, if I take Lambie’s photo in black and white, you can’t really tell he is actually turquoise and purple as well!


5 thoughts on “So Sorry Lambie

  1. Linda

    Since Lambie isn’t bothered by the horn-ectomy (in fact he looks quite happy as usual), I’ll say he looks quite beautiful in purple and turquoise – definitely his colors!

  2. Rebecca Final

    i actually quite like the purple and turquoise together. It’s very punk. I’m betting he will be just fine.


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