All Together

For the past few months,  the youngsters have been split up from the oldsters.  Today, they were reunited.

I must admit that it wasn’t the original plan – they were going into the adjacent field – but it became very obvious very quickly that we would lose a perfectly good fence if they remained apart.

So I opened the gate…. and off they all went.  All except Haakon and Iacs who were more interested in the long grass!

The very-oldies did eventually move grudgingly on down the hill….

… while everyone else continued to gallumph about.

The very-oldsters would not be deterred.  Eating is always the priority.

After a while, Kappi came back with his following.

Taktur jumped – which is rare – our Icelandic horses are not known for their jumping skills.

You can see why. It was not elegant.

Taktur went over to hassle Iacs and Haakon who didn’t want any interruptions.

They made their feelings very clear.

Iacs was secretly glad to see the youngsters.

He does love a good game.

He had some fun with his friend, Efstur.

Hours of fun to be had there.

(I particularly love this photo).

Anyway, there was much rushing about and annoying each other.

They were all re-establishing the pecking order in the herd.

I have told Haakon that if it all gets too much for him, he can come out.

These days he just wants a quiet life.

And I also told Taktur that no good of this will come.  He will find out for himself.

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