All in the Preparation

According to my OH, who is a professional decorator, “it’s all in the preparation.  So today was a day of doing just that – getting ready. Having arrived a day early, though, we could take our time.

A leisurely breakfast and then on to see Kappi and Waffle at their wonderful livery yard down the road.

We were allowed to use the indoor school and thought it would be a good idea to let the boys stretch their legs and run around a bit.

Daisy and Flossie led Kappi and Waffle round first, letting them get used to their new surroundings.

The wind was “blowing a hoolie” outside which did not help. The school was very noisy but no one seemed to notice.  They were fine and enjoyed running around.

Waffle got bored first and came in to investigate a plant.

He then had a roll in the sand.

After stretching their legs, we brushed Waffle and washed Kappi.

And then back to they went to their cattle-stall while the neighbours watched on.

Kappi had his roll too.

Lunch and onto the showground where we constructed our electric fenced paddock.  The boys will live theret between classes and then they will go back to their livery yard for the night.

Other competitors were beginning to arrive too.

Not stopping, we cleaned our tack.


So that’s us, ready to go tomorrow to compete at the Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain Summer Festival and British Championships.

Please keep everything crossed.

12 thoughts on “All in the Preparation

  1. Sam

    How nice to have a day to prepare. Do many Icelandic Horses travel with a buddy? Smart to rug up Kappi before he undid all your hard work. Fingers and Maine Coon paws are crossed for a good outcome.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Waffle is so shiny! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow and that you don’t have the gale force winds we’ve been having today. I’m sure you’ll have a successful time. Looking forward to the pictures and the reports. Good luck

  3. Carol E

    Good luck! Everything looks so shiny and bright. I’m sure you’ll do well, can’t wait for the results!

  4. Nancy

    Everything is crossed for you!!
    Except my eyes…I cannot type with crossed eyes…ha ha ha!!
    Hoping for good weather tomorrow your way. =D


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