Waitress Service Only

Upon my return from feeding the ponies, I found the Old Men having a morning nap in the old tattie rig (potato field).  It is beautifully enclosed in the valley with high drystone walls all the way round. Luxury ensuite with running water and waitress service.

Filling my pocketses with carrots, I went down to see if everything was alright. This time of year, I am here to serve.

Yup, everything was fine.



I was asked politely to empty my pocketses.  Watching these two, I decided there was absolutely no doubt that they are related.

Cousins, to be precise.  There is a definite family resemblance.  You can’t miss it.

And then, as they were fine, I climbed back up the hill and went to serve some other animal that wanted something.

Waitress service only!

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