All fine

Well, the big ones are all fine

(this looks like a school photo, doesn’t it?!)

The little ones are all fine too.

Ok, obviously starving because they are leaving new piles of freshly opened silage that smells delicious.

We had to open the bale that Hetja wrecked when she had her moment of revenge a few days ago.

This morning we could all be found outside constructing an anti-hill sheep barrier as one sniff of this gorgeous silage and the hill sheep will be round the bales wrecking everything.

Meanwhile, a few minutes down the road…..

I went to check on everyone else.  This is much easier.  The preggie ladies are fine.

They look very settled.

It is a still a tad windy out.

But I am not worried.

The other herd was miles away.  Their field is huge and there is much to explore.

I shouted, heads up and they spied me coming rushing over.

That is the determined look of “where is my carrot?”

I love this croft.  It is wonderful for photos.  I can’t wait for the others to arrive for a bit more variety of colour.

I just have such a good feeling about Liradale or should it be Lyradale?

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