Small Blobs Far Away

I spent most of today in Lerwick as I had an out-patient’s appointment for my “little episode”.

It has barely been light all day and I left Daisy and Flossie doing all the animal chores (house ones are not considered important here).

On my way back from Lerwick, in my vaguely clean clothes, I thought I would pop by Liradale to check on everyone there, while I could still see them.

There were the big girls but not my little Shetland pony troupe.

I thought I spied them right at the top of the hill but wasn’t really certain.  All I could see was a black blob, which could be a group of black ponies…… or not.

I went home, changed into my usual grubby clothes and wellies, and returned to Liradale complete with a good pair of binoculars and some carrots.

Upon inspection, it was blatantly obvious that the lump of black was, in fact, just that!

and my little herd was in the valley waiting for me.

Lyra, now full,  was having a little bit of a sit on a dry hillock.

Vitamin enjoyed her carrot.

Waffle went through my pockets.

Lyra grabbed and ran.  Ungrateful beast.  She is always like this in winter.

Everyone was, of course, fine.

They have food, shelter, company and water.

Those binoculars are not leaving my car from now on.

I think they will be put to good use!

That is one big field!

2 thoughts on “Small Blobs Far Away

  1. Terri

    That is a lot of property to oversee! Is the body of water a pond or a loch or the ocean? Hope you got some beneficial advice regarding your “little episode” as a result of your doctor’s visit! Thanks for sharing your Christmas, and for the lovely (and entertaining) 2016 Advent Calendar! xo from Boston

  2. Sam

    That’s a LARGE field – however do you see your ponies out there?
    Love the pictures of silly billy faces your herd makes for carrots.


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