From My Phone

Pepper: Am I your best friend?
Daisy: Of course!

Pepper: Can I have your breakfast?
Daisy: No!

They are just two guys enjoying the breakfast haynet.

Me: Smile for the camera, ‘Ster.
‘Ster: But of course!

Taktur waiting.  Always waiting.  Why does the food not come?

A watery winter Shetland sky.

Pepper: I think I have been shouted at (again). I will sit on Dad.

Pepper: I am now pretending to be asleep.

Monster: I am not as comfortable as I might be.
Pepper: Zzzzzzz……..

Monster decamped to his Fortress of Solitude.

These two *** sigh *** – note the paw! As I type 20 minutes on, they are still at it!

8 thoughts on “From My Phone

  1. Louise Helen Whyte

    Monster has the patience of a saint. In our house it is the Harrison poodle who is slept on, stood on, groomed by multiple cats…..Millicent would see that as a step too far.

  2. Elva

    No better way to start off the New Year than looking at pictures of Monster!! I have to admit though, that Pepper is pretty cute, and I am very happy to see how Ted now has such a great friend!

  3. Louise Stopford

    Never ever a dull moment in your house then!!! So glad Ted has settled in so well and that he and Pepper get on a treat. I think Pepper is going to be the boss though. Saint Monster will always be number one though. What a guy!!

  4. Sam

    Thank goodness Pepper and Ted get along like true siblings. Squabbles, wrestling and then cuddles. OH must have one very warm lap…


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