A Wander Around Lyradale

I took our visitor, Karen, to see Lyradale and its inhabitants – the Minions (my rescue Shetland ponies), plus Lyra and Delia.

Obviously, I put Karen to work.

It would be a waste not to.

And she seemed happy enough – enthusiastic, even!

Lyra worked her magic.

After a good session of brushing, being hugged and now covered in the winter fur that is fast falling out, I showed Karen around Lyradale – the 50 acre croft I bought last December.

Lyradale is a wonderful croft.  Set in a glaciated valley, it offers abundant shelter and grass.  I have only seen Lyradale in the winter so it is also lovely for me to watch spring appear and see what plants are growing.

I feel very lucky that I can give this to my Minions to live in.  They are very settled and happy here and for me, that is all that matters.  Watching them grow and thrive is the perfect reward and I hope it makes up for the terrible start some of them had.

I have plans for the derelict croft house too…..

(just need to win the lottery next)…..

4 thoughts on “A Wander Around Lyradale

    1. Frances Post author

      Not sure – well, I would love to live there really – horses and ponies on my doorstep (my idea of heaven).

      Winter fur is no use to anyone. Foal fur is what spinners like.

  1. Margaret Robinson

    I’m extremely impressed by Karen’s horse skills. You need to get her to work for you year-round! Does that mean that if we come to visit, we’ll be put to work too?

    I cannot imagine how you and others do this every day. I’ve one horse to take care of (and the people at the Ranch do all the feeding, watering and turning out) and it takes me a large chunk of time to just do the every day stuff that’s left and ride for an hour or so.

    Everyone looks gorgeous! They’re very lucky Minions. MMR

  2. Linda

    I’m betting that your “rehabilitation” of the Minions has helped them to move (way) on from their difficult start.


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