A Sheepy-Pony Day

A lovely cold calm day today.  Few and far between in Shetland, but days like this make the long winters worth it.  The days are getting longer too by about 10 minutes a day (happy, happy).

I had the place to myself and I loved every moment of it.

Having finished my chores, I pottered about with my camera.

Vitamin is, as ever, the model.  Its her eyes.  She has beautiful expressive eyes.


All the horses and ponies were out in the fields. They had free run of all the fields.  You would think everyone would love this but no, two little boys (Storm and Tiddles) turned back to be with Les Grandes Dames.  I didn’t force them out as they are not huge fans of mud or ice.


BeAnne was chatting with Lambie and Ster.


I think she employs them as her two body guards.


Ster decided to see what Storm was all about.


They got on very well.  Storm loves a good game and Ster loves a good butt.


I spent the rest of the morning sat down on my rock and watched Lambie and Ster together.  They are a comedy duo and make me laugh at their endless games, expressions and general floofiness.

BN2A1703 BN2A1711 BN2A1713 BN2A1716 BN2A1717  BN2A1718

They like to sit outside the front door while my anti-sheep door (patent pending) works like a charm.  I put the radio on for them.


Meanwhile, quietly, telling no one, Tiddles had kept himself busy.


He was eating the muck heap.


Remind me not to kiss his nosey – I know where it’s been!

5 thoughts on “A Sheepy-Pony Day

  1. Terri

    Smiling about herd dynamics and inter-species dynamics at your house (both inside and out). Glad it’s all worked out.

  2. Sam

    Looks like BeAnne uses the LambDogs as body warmers along with security guard duty. And what did Lambie & Ster listen to on the radio? Love Vitamin’s portrait.


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