Two Things

There are two things Minions want.

The First – to come into the house.  This is Storm’s biggest wish.  He loves the idea of living in the house and is determined to achieve his dream  (just like two other woolly beasts).  He thinks nothing of wandering in.

L1200352 L1200356

I kissed the nosey and used the No word.  Storm could not believe I could be quite so mean and negative.

(OH is going south next week.  I will say no more……)


The Second – carrots, lots and lots of lovely carrots, please.


All for themselves.


With no sharing with the Big Ones.  All for The Minions.


I was feeling kind and threw them half a sack of carrots and the little boys were in heaven.


I was told that carrots are good for “digestive support”.  I just think it makes everyone smile and love me very much.

Silver’s Best Behaviour Face!


Tiddles asking if there are anymore sacks left that need finishing or using up.


And Waffle feeling a bit over-carrotted, I think (note Storm’s bottom in the background.  He had kindly volunteered to stay behind and do the washing up).


So now you know.  Two things.

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