Two and a Half Years

Loki arrived in July 2013.  Rescued from the mean streets of Elgin, he has never ever really got on with Wu, our resident rescue fat cat.  Everytime he saw Wu (short for Wussums), Loki’s ears would prick up and he would chase him meaning business.  We tried many methods to stop this behaviour with absolutely no success.  It ended up with Wu living in our bedroom upstairs and coming and going through the velux window at night.  Not ideal, but we all managed and Wu stayed alive timing his goings out when he knew Loki was safely in the house.


Previously, ie pre-Loki, Wu had been a fairly sociable boy, living on my computer chair and coming for walks or rides with the dogs.  But the arrival of Loki quickly put a stop to that.

I think it was the arrival of Lambie last spring that made Wu realise that, if a teeny tiny lamb could live in the kitchen and stay alive, why on earth was he running away from Loki.  It was the running that made Loki give chase.

So Wu gradually became brave again and started by coming into the sitting room, walking slowly past Loki and now, guess what, after two and half years, they all live in peace and harmony.  There is no chasing.

Our First Family Photo (so proud *** sniff ***).  This is a beautiful moment.  Wu is back to normal.


(Note to self – I really must clean the house, but then again.)


This is Wu’s Bond moment.  “So, Meester Bond, we meet again…..”


I am pleased with Loki.  He and Wu have finally reached a truce.   Like I said, it only took 2 and a half years!


5 thoughts on “Two and a Half Years

  1. Rhonda Lane

    Wonderful! Congratulations! Our female cat lived in the back of the house for five years to avoid the rambunctious kitten who grew into a frisky young adult kitty. BTW, I love your house. Happy pets indicate a happy home.

  2. big ears

    we have had the same with Harrison and the new kittens but they are getting used to each other and it’s calming down

  3. Linda K

    So pleased Wu has reclaimed his rightful place and can relax and chill on the computer chair.
    Really, life’s too short to spend much time on housework.

  4. Sam

    Congrats to all in the household! Community living can take some time to sort itself out. Glad to see Wu has regained his rightful place downstairs.

  5. Linda

    I love reading about the “politics” of all the animals. Sounds like Lambie was the UN of the situation between Loki and Wu. Congratulations on the truce!


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