My Creation Station

I love my little space.

Every day I leave the house shouting “I am going to my (delete where applicable) studio, shudio, shed, she-shed, shoffice, creation station (a personal favourite ❤️), outside, wherever…..

Two doors down is the sheep shed and when I shout, Lambie come galloping over to scrounge biccies or to come in.

I have even worn a path from the house to my space.

In my shed, I have all the things I want around me.

I keep my wool in these cheap-but-cheerful plastic chest of drawers.  Anything to keep the (bar-steward) moths out.

BeAnne has two beds.  One by my chair and one by the heater.

I have a bijoux tea area.

And my table (grandmother’s) where I work, stabbing away!

This is my view.  The sea in the distance.  Best view ever.

In one corner is a beloved portrait by Jacquie Jones portrait of my first pony, Mr Wonderful.

My mother gave me this portrait having borrowed some of my photos for the artist.  She never met Mr Wonderful – he belonged to my step-mother.

I remember, on Christmas Day my mother being embarrassed to give me her present as she thought that no pony could be so ugly. I insisted saying it would be fine and promptly burst into tears the minute I saw it.  Perfection.  Mr Wonderful was exactly this pony and 40 years on, I still cherish this picture and love it more than words.

Flossie’s (my youngest daughter) beautiful Su embroidery.  The minute she had finished, I whipped it off her and had it framed.  I adore this.

No comment!

These are my precious and much loved things-of-the-shed.

And the sheep I make every evening to go to the shop in Lerwick.  Another three ready to go.

I ❤️ my shed.



11 thoughts on “My Creation Station

  1. Sam

    Lucky, lucky you to have a Creative Space of One’s Own in which one can create, ponder, mutter, scream if needed and just be. We should all be so lucky as to have a space like this. I use the dining room table to sew and my Gran’s old side chair for cross stitch.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    This shed is the stuff love is made of and it’s wonderful! Lucky you and well, BeAnne who is totally in the time with two beds (and rightly so). Enjoy it all!!

  3. Linda Kirk

    I desperately want a shed now. I like the picture of BeAnne soaking up the sun and Mr Wonderful is quite beautiful, what a lovely thing to have and cherish.

    1. Frances Post author

      I love having my space. My own little space. Yes, I have the house and a pile of sheds but this is my shed. I can choose who/what I share it with.

  4. diane in northern wis

    I love your shed too, Frances. Everything looks just right and so comfy for you. It’s fun to think of you going out there with BeAnne and Lambie accompanying you as you settle in for whatever amount of time you can spend there. So glad you’ve got that cool shed to hang it and accomplish great things!

  5. Rebecca

    Frances, when you walk into your shed you must feel like you are being hugged. It’s charming, and you are right, the views are stunning.

    P.S. the portrait of your pony is gorgeous.

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you. He was called Mr Wonderful. He had two blue eyes (wall) and my most loved friend in the world.


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