A Rare Calm Day

Today was a rare winter day – the wind didn’t blow and everyone made the most of it.

We fed the horses outside happy in the knowledge that buckets would not be blown over and go flying…..

…. and piles of hay would stay intact and eaten rather than be wasted by flying everywhere (that annoys me beyond words).

Anywho, while Floss was lugging the hay about and making nice little piles for the horses to eat after their hard feed, I stayed and made sure everyone stayed with their bucket – no wandering around looking to see if anyone has anything better.

That means you, Bibble.

Some suffer hugely from “restaurant envy”. It is not encouraged.

It was a lovely sunrise and yes, there is another gale on its way and perhaps the threat of snow next *** sigh ***.  This I could do without.

Still, it was pretty while it lasted and Floss and I got a lot done today. Farrier visit.

By the way, anyone want to have a shot at this diary entry?

Aunt Kate is on the Isle of Skye and learning Scottish Gaellic words or phrases.  “I caught a sea-trout! ???Prurta rod??”!

Let me know what Prurta rod is, please.  Many thanks. x

4 thoughts on “A Rare Calm Day

  1. Liz O'Connor

    Prurta rod? Prukta rod?
    Is it a name / brand/ type of Fishing rod? Is it a Scots Gaelic word for a type of rod/ name of place where she was fishing/ fish/ something else?
    I have been thinking about it, and though I haven’t reached a conclusion, maybe these thoughts will inspire you or somebody else?
    Did you come to any conclusion yourself?


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