A Proper Riding Lesson

Bjørn very kindly gave Flossie a proper riding lesson to teach her the essential basics of riding.  The foundations from which it all comes from.


It has been a very long time since Floss has wanted a real riding lesson from a real instructor.


Both Iacs and Flossie listened carefully to the instruction.


And then carried it out to the best of their ability.


The Olympic Games Selection Committee were busy so they sent a substitute to watch on their behalf.


There was walking and trotting and Floss learned halt and half halts on both reins.


They both looked very good and, more importantly. relaxed.


And then Bjørn asked Floss to cross her stirrups – a slight panic but Floss acquiesced.

Floss said the first ten seconds were scary and then she got used to it.

This is her “Concentration” face.


So off they went without stirrups to practice steering, halts and half halts.


Again, there was listening.


Concentration (both) ….


And even a smile as Floss realised she could do this.


The end of the lesson arrived and out came Iacs’ imaginary nose-wheel.


So well done my Flossie – you were brilliant and thank you Iacs – you were a gentleman and thank you Bjørn for the “proper” lesson.


❤ So proud – sniff – so proud ❤

6 thoughts on “A Proper Riding Lesson

  1. Karen burfoot

    How lovely. It can be foe some so much harder to learn when you are not a small child any longer. She looks lovely up there

  2. Terri

    Lovely, lovely. And she accomplished it all in front of a camera. (For me that would have been nerve-wracking!) I’m pretty sure the Olympic Games Selection Committee’s rep was impressed….

  3. Sam

    How proud you are to see your daughter enjoy the same activities as you! I do hope the Olympic Selection Committee took note of the good listening displayed by both parties! That is something to cluck about.
    (sorry, channeling my pun-loving step-dad)


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