A New Low

Now this is a new low.

I have had to sit on this blog for 24 hours before I wrote it because I didn’t want my laptop to spontaneously combust with my anger.

I found this photo of Lyra who is apparently in need of desperate help and ££££ on Twitter…….

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 12.55.55

It was been reposted, or forwarded, 59 times.  Even lucky Clare Balding (presenter, writer, broadcaster) has received it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 13.16.50

Here is the GoFundMe.com page that the tweet was linked to.   You can see that since December 2014, 41 generous folk have donated £1100 of the £10k they need based on Lyra’s photo.

@nfieldanimalhav is Northfields Animal Haven.  It is not a registered charity but a registered not-for-profit organisation based in Scotland.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 16.51.27

This is the original photo.  My photo.  My photo of Lyra as a yearling about to have all her fur stripped off.  No one looks their best this time of year but she is certainly not a rescue case.

You may remember the blog I wrote – https://myshetland.co.uk/for-sale-foal-fur/


So you can imagine my rage to see the begging-for-money photo featuring a Shetland pony, a very healthy Lyra, that has NOTHING to do with the Animal Haven and is not in need of rescuing.

This is Lyra, by the way, a few days ago saying goodbye to her owner, Daisy, who, no doubt will be very keen to talk to her father about this situation.  He is a lawyer.


I am raging.  I hate thievery and deception.

27 thoughts on “A New Low

  1. Jane

    You must be so mad, I’m fuming and I don’t even know you, but I’ve been a follower for several years. You may wish to check out articles in the Aberdeen Voice Aug 24 and Sep 4 (was not able to cut and paste) that I found while looking them up. If you haven’t already. I think ” the shetlands” are referring to the photo of Lyra.

  2. Kara

    It really illustrates that people should thoroughly investigate a situation before donating to these online money raising drives. I’m glad you discovered this deception. Besides, Lyra looks great with her shaggy coat.

  3. Kelly Cable

    This was the photo we were sent and we were told that this one was not fit to travel, I am very sorry but I just posted the pic that I was sent. We did take in three shetland ponies at the time in March when we were asked to. I will remove all these pictures immediately as obviously this pony had nothing to do with the rescue of the others. Thank you for publishing this as it is good to know I have been putting up pictures that are not of animals that need any help.

      1. Kelly Cable

        They were sent to us by a lady called Kristine who asked us to help the ponies, we do have the other three of which we got a pic of butterscotch and not of the foals. I am very sorry had I know this was the case, I would never have put up the picture, we have removed all posts with your horses picture in it.

        1. Frances Post author

          I am still waiting for my email with “Kristine”‘s full details.

          You have supplied her “surname” and I would like all her details please – at least her Facebook page, or phone number or address.

  4. jan

    That’s disgraceful, no wonder you are angry. I know you will sort them out and sue them. You and your family have looked after all your horses wonderfully, and you don’t deserve this. Go get them Frances,.!!

  5. Deb Twomey

    I am shaking and in tears that mean folks have nothing better to do than harass AND MAKE MONEY FROM beloved family members. You are strong and will take care of this…..but I know,too,that your back will be hurting tomorrow from this terrible stress. Love and Prayers

  6. Carol

    OMG Frances this is just despicable I retweeted their GoFundMe! I always retweet animal rescue but have since deleted retweets for this particular organization.
    Have to say that I did become suspicious of this particular “Animal Haven” ‘s activities when reading their facebook, they turned down the assistance of two other rescues who offered to transport / take the Shetlands who allegedly needed saving from the freezer! I mean who would turn down help to save a life if you didn’t have the money to do it yourself?
    Then the woman claimed a brain tumour …

  7. Cassie

    What a wretched scam they are. I hope your justified outrage helps get them shut down. How ridiculous and sickening that they say they are “rescuing” ponies but don’t even know what a healthy pony looks like!

    Such a disservice to wonderful people like you who are true from-the-heart rescuers. Just look at your happy minions all saved from death. Grrrrr….

  8. Highmac

    Absolutely disgusting! Go Frances, Go Daisy, Go Daisy’s Dad…

    Couldn’t get Mic’s link to bring up anything but a page of unreadable garbage (8.50am Monday) and the home page was the same (hacked?).

        1. Highmac

          I emailed the Aberdeen Voice editor, who replied: “This is a problem we have been experiencing for some considerable time, but there is nothing we can do at our end. What we find is that some posts do not appear as they should immediately on publication, especially when accessed on phones, but usually sort themselves out after a short time … usually about 10 to 20 mins.” So their tech guys are still trying to sort it.

          It seems that “if at first you don’t succeed…”


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