Pretty In Pink

He looks so good in it.  I just couldn’t resist.

We are not gender specific in our house with colour and I think Taktur carries this Hot Pink fleece and satin (yes, I said satin) rug off very well.


This rug is for special occasions.  Taktur will be wearing it when he goes to shows.


I think he will stand out.


Nope, I definitely know he will stand out!


I am particularly taken with the gorgeous silver brocade at the back.


Pure craftsmanship (cough).


And the KP Coat of Arms definitely excudes Class with a Capital C!


Taktur was very happy in his new-to-him rug.  He had no problems with it so I have wrapped it up carefully and put it somewhere safe for our next show outing.


Now, I wonder if I can find a matching one for Storm.  Is that a jealous face I see?


Oh golly, look what I have just found on Fleabay!  Off to measure Taktur’s mini-me.


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