A Learning Curve

A sad day for Taktur.  He learned what the electric fence did.  Needs must when the Devil vomits in your kettle.

I feel bad but Taktur would not take us seriously.   The girls arrived in the trailer.  Last time, I was told he tried to break the fence to get to them.


He tried to do it again today and started to threaten to push the fence down, or jump it.  This was the thin end of the wedge.  Next he had his head over and used his mighty chest to shove.


So we called in Fence Patrol to repel borders.

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But Taktur didn’t really care and persisted, even though the girls were now in the school.  We told him what we would do.  He watched Jo very carefully.


(Fence Patrol still on stand-by)


And then he didn’t believe that we would or we could ……. (note the mouth)


So we did and Taktur learned the hard way.  He was rather dischuffed. That’s his “lonely little petunia in an onion patch” face.  He is probably eating worms too because absolutely nobody loved him by then.


The girls were ridden in the school and all went very well.


I even had Haakon in to groom, talk to and sniff.  It was lovely to see him again and we had the best time together, even if I didn’t ride.


BeAnne put up with the horses too, bless her.


So after we had finished, we put the girls back in their trailer.  To be honest, Hetja did not help.


Jo and Fi drove away with them.  This is the second before you-know-what is going to happen.


And Zap.  Sorry, mate, you are not going too.


“Come back, come back.  Bring me my Hetja.”


I felt bad but needs must. Taktur has to learn that no is no.  The girls left without him.  He can look but he can’t touch.  Yet.


5 thoughts on “A Learning Curve

  1. Judy

    Have been following your blog( from way down here south of Melbourne) for a few weeks now and I am very impressed!! You have a fantastic story telling ability in such few words and beautiful photos also .Keep up the good work and take care.

    1. Frances Post author

      Aww, thank you. I was not having a particularly brilliant day but your post has cheered me up hugely – appreciated xx

  2. Crickett

    Taktur, you’ll date when Mom says you can and not a second before. Nope. Don’t want to hear it. Because she said so. That’s all the reason you need.


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