Here’s Charlie!

Jo brought Charlie to Thordale this morning.  He is a little on the large side and we thought some exhausting company and a lack of food might get his weight down.

**** cough **** Fat Chance!


The Minions happened to be out and about keeping Iacs company.  Iacs’ hoof is still pouring black smelly guck so he can’t go out in the mud/field.  He isn’t lame though, which is good.


A perfunctory hello from the swarming Minions and then the games started.


Note the back hoof but there was no kicking or fighting.


Charlie deserves this.


He has made many ponies’ lives a burden to them over the years.


Charlie didn’t stand much of a chance, but he does have weight on his side and much more experience from years of being very very irritating.


So wherever he went, he had a happy little attachment!


After a few hours, they did stop and just eat.


I had thrown out some of yesterday’s leftover hay for them to finish.  They weren’t that keen so no one was hungry.


And, of course, little Tiddles stayed well out of the way.  He doesn’t like hassle.


But Charlie won’t stay with only the little ones.  Tomorrow I plan to put them all out together in the hill field and they can get on with it.

5 thoughts on “Here’s Charlie!

  1. Joe Boyd

    Thank you, Frances, for providing us with this daily entertainment on TechSurvivors. I’m learning so much about horse/pony personality! Please keep it coming.

    Have you ever noticed that “fat” and “slim” have pretty much the same meaning when used with “chance?”

  2. Sam

    Good to see Charlie getting a minor come-uppance! Chuckled over the wet clothing post – we have had 2 storms in 2 weeks that each dumped 11″of snow on Connecticut! Snow boots, gloves and hats drip everywhere!


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