A Nice Ride

So, I got the Ginger Ninja out of his field, tacked him up and got on ready to meet a friend at the end of my road.  She kindly offered to accompany me on this mammoth solo adventure.  Going out with just one horse is a new thing for Klængur and me but something I have done all my ridden life, so why is it a big deal now?

But we did it.

We got home with minimal fuss and it was fun so I am feeling we achieved. And now the only way is forward.  We’ve got this.

I just have to realise that I will never ride Haakon again and Klængur is my ridden horse now.  That is one of my mental blocks. All the rubbish Klængur throws at me is nothing compared with Haakon but somehow when it was him, it didn’t seem to matter.

Klængur is not a replacement but a horse in his own right. Just different.

Sorry to involve you in the workings of my brain.  I have no idea why I am like this.

5 thoughts on “A Nice Ride

  1. darby callahan

    I completely understand. when my 31 year old mare died two years ago I sort of stopped riding even though I have another pony, Riddle, who my daughter rides. I could could ride Riddle but I have to convince myself that she will not spook or take off or other wise unseat me. I will just walk around the indoor school at a walk, but have not made much progress other wise. You should be proud of yourself.

  2. Sam

    Hard to change what has been a source of joy. While I don’t ride, I have the same feelings when the directors at the school where I am the Costume Designer, move on. Trying to sort out a mutual vocabulary is hard after years of the same partner. But I am happy you are riding, even with a new horse.


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