Knitting with Reins

Now, I am not very good at this, as Dreki will possibly tell you, but he and I are doing our best at this training lark.

At present we are concentrating on steering and brakes and, while Daisy has sat on Dreki, I have not so all our work is on the ground.

So here we are, brushing and chatting!

Shedding like a good ‘un (Spring visited briefly, took one look, gone away and it is Winter again so big mistake, Dreki) and surcingle on.

Bridle and noseband, “hitch up” and off we go

As Floss was on photos, Dreki was a bit preoccupied with somone “new” on his first halt – note front feet off the track. Not good.

But he is good on the going forwards and is not rushy or nasty.

A better halt.

Everyone concentrating hard.

After a few rounds of the school on the track, I thought I would introduce weaving between the cones.

Hopeless, both of us with added knitting from me.

So I decided to show Dreki exactly what I wanted.

And then he got it, as did I too.

Less knitting, but weird arms going on.

Back on track.

The perfect halt.

I love Dreki’s expression (after I had gushed about the wonderful halt).

And we’re done.

Feet offered nicely and picked out.

Plus a recap on how good my little dragon is and how we will work together as a team.

I am enjoying this training lark. It might not be perfect but it is working for us both.

6 thoughts on “Knitting with Reins

  1. Sam

    Everybody learns differently. Sometimes the silly arms is the only way to make a point. When teaching sewing to theater kids, I make breaking a machine needle a competition. Sew your pant hem to your shirt? Time to celebrate your unique sewing skills before getting the seam ripper out.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Dreki is so gorgeous! You and he look great together! I love these pictures, Frances. Good job!


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