A New Low

As a family – animal and people – we tend to all get on fairly well.  There are various truces that get broken occasionally but mostly, I think, we all do our best to be tolerant of each other’s “little ways”.

That was until yesterday when I very unexpectedly met Wussums outside.  This is unsual for The Wu since he lives in fear of meeting Loki outdoors (he chases him – not our best moment) and so seldom ventures out during daylight hours.  Apparently Loki and Wussums can live in peace and perfect harmony indoors but in the garden, all bets are off.

Anywho, recently, we have all been a bit worried about Wu as he seems to have gone off his food.

And then I discovered why.  Wu’s latest pastime is to sit outside the shed door waiting for the little birds (who live there) to fly out straight into his mouth!

Lambie passed by to photobomb.

And then Lambie saw his “friend” (in the loosest possible terms), Wussums, who turned round and growled at him like Gollum and His Precious.  I was ashamed of that cat and had to quickly move Lambie because I think Wussums would’ve probably put him on the menu next.

Once back inside, I went to sit at my desk where my laptop is but I can’t. That cat is one quick usurper!

Six hours later and Wussums has managed to get up and leave my chair because it is nearly his tea-time.

Meanwhile, Loki is trying to be good.  He finds it nearly impossible but he does spend many hours thinking about past behaviour and wanting to change.

He has done some pretty terrible things this year – Wussums related.

Wussums on the other hand, has no intention of changing anything.

5 thoughts on “A New Low

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Oh dear! I love cats but hate some of their natural behaviours. My dog would be on Loki’s side. She thinks she was put on this earth to rid the planet of cats, particularly the four that live next door to me!

  2. Terri

    Oh my. I don’t know whose behavior is worse: Wu for catching birds or Loki for trying to catch Wu. Oh wait! That’s what they are genetically wired to do: hunt! (Very cute story and accompanying photos, despite the lows. I’m not sure if Loki is actually repentant or just sulking. Wu, on the other hand, rules!)

  3. diane in northern wis

    Love your indoor pictures, of your beautiful tree and pets. My most unfavorite was the one where your wussums appears to be chewing on something or somebody! If only cats would stick to their indoor cat food. Oh well, we had many pet cats for many years, so it can’t be helped. And if they were ever left to fend for themselves…well, at least they good “fend.” Thanks for a great blog Frances. Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year!


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