A New Lick

This morning I put out a mineral lick bucket for the sheep.

Everyone wanted a shot and I like them to have access to it this time of year when there is little grass around.  They have unlimited hay.

Edna had first dibs (she has one tooth now) and was instantly in her happy place. She adores a lick bucket and ‘Bert soon gave up trying to have any. He would come back later.

And then Madge, who spent a good long time with it too.

Leaving them to it, I drove over to the Minions who were equally hopeful about having a mineral lick bucket.

They don’t need one.

While the ponies don’t believe me, I am standing firm.  Lick buckets for Shetland ponies are made of molasses and no one needs the sugar.  Absolutely no one.

I might get them a salt lick, though (they had run out at the feed merchant when I looked last week).

Everyone was very chatty and I spent some time talking to them all.

Every Saturday afternoon, I play flute duets with a friend.  Lambie usually turns up to listen.  He likes classical music, even flute duets.

He stands listening and then eventually falls asleep.

Luckily my flute partner doesn’t mind the faint smell of sheep pee while we play. To me, having a sheep listen to music is perfectly normal. The rest of the world might not agree, though.

5 thoughts on “A New Lick

  1. Kathleen Woolley

    Charlie, my Pekin Bantam cockerel, just loves my Alexa and comes and sits outside my kitchen window when its turned on, I think he prefers Rock more than anything. If fact I think he likes Runrig best of all. Who wouldn’t

  2. diane in northern wis

    I think that’s pretty neat that Lambie likes the flute music and that your musical buddy doesn’t mind the smell! How nice of you to give those sheeple a mineral block. They do seem to love it! Maybe the salt blocks will come back in so you will have a treat for everybody?


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