A Moment

I am writing this blog very tentatively in case I am completely wrong and read the whole situation wrong.

But, today, I think Brá and I turned a corner.  We had a special moment.

Somehow the silly horse had got herself stuck.  Not in a I-can’t-move-so-please-help-me way, but she was standing by herself in a small sheep pen with the rest of her small herd on the other side of the fence.  Nearby but not actually with her.

When I saw Brá there, I thought she wasn’t actually stuck as she could very easily turn around and walk down the side of the field, around the fence that funnels the sheep into the pen and join the others.

It was only when I got back from feeding Delia that I saw that Brá hadn’t moved and there were quite a few piles off poo.  I wondered if she couldn’t work out how to get to the others.

So, I went up with a headcollar, which she happily let me put on (hmmmm… – there is usually apprehension if possible) and I led her all the way down the field talking to her about whether this counted as part of my 1000 miles walking.  The rest of the herd followed on the other side of the fence and then galloped round the end to join her.

It was then I thought to myself “here we go.  She will pull back and start playing up” but no, Brá stood there patiently while I undid and took off her headcollar.

Her eyes were much softer.  Normal.  No apprehension or tenseness.  I gave her a stroke and told her she was fine now and walked away.

I looked back over my shoulder a few times and while the youngsters bounced around her, Brá just looked back as well at me.

Most odd.  I think we had a moment.

7 thoughts on “A Moment

  1. diane in northern wis

    How lovely Frances. I think you are most assuredly a “Horse Whisperer Extraordinaire!”
    Awesome blog. Thank you every day!

  2. Louise Stopford

    Sounds like it was a very special moment indeed. I wonder if she will remember what happened and how you helped and be kinder to you in the future. It will be interesting to know. She is absolutely beautiful – the photo’s of her are outstanding, she is such a beauty queen.

  3. Linda

    Good for you! Isn’t it just wonderful when the animal you are trying to “rescue” understands that completely, and (cooperatively) lets you help?


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