A Flossie Wander

I have spent most of my morning setting up a friend’s computer so didn’t have the chance to go outside to talk to anyone.

After the computer marathon – why is nothing ever simple? – Daisy and I went to work at Turriefield.

Knowing I hadn’t taken any photos for today’s Blog, I gave Floss my camera and asked her to go out and take some pics.

First, she went to see the sheep who were all out the front, chewing their cud.

Happy little Boyzenberries all back to normal.

‘Ster was practising his Winning Smile.

Lambie was not (obviously practising his Filthy Look).

Next up, Floss went into the field to see if the Icelandic horses and Shetland ponies wanted to talk.

Little Newt looking very strangely proportioned – I think it is the camera angle. I sincerely hope it is!

But he has a cute face.

Albie is doing fabulously.

Flossie was then spied by the others.

And that was that.

She was theirs!  This is Klængur (apparently).

I love Iacs sneaking around the back of the shed.

There is no hierarchy according to size.

Haakon stayed well away – there is grass to eat.  Nuff said.

Taktur and Kappi were also stuffing their faces.  Food = central heating and it is getting gradually colder each day.

They are all funny little boys. A happy herd.  We love them to bits.  They are our family.



6 thoughts on “A Flossie Wander

  1. Sam

    Perhaps the filthy look from Lambie is because, while Floss is a lovely person, she is not Muzzah.
    Thanks for the pictures of the wandering about.

  2. Carol E

    Wonderful pictures! Shh, don’t tell Lambie, but I think ‘Ster is very handsome. It may be his very fine fleece, but I think it’s his handsome face and horns. Such dramatic coloring!

    Nosey kisses to everyone!


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