A Happier Boy

The Boyzenberries spend their day in the fields and then in the evening I call them home so they can mooch around the house and have access to shelter with no midges and flies.  This time of year it is a necessity.

The Boyzens mostly stay where I put them but certainly know which fences to go under to come home if they want.  Lambie sometimes appears out of nowhere in a hysterical flurry.

But, without a doubt, I can see ‘Bert is 100% happier and that is a huge relief.

Look, he is smiling.  He really is.

He is relaxed, happy and back to being my cheerful little “monkey”, just like before the Saga of the Horrid Horn.  I am glad I made the decision to take it off.  It was driving him insane and probably hurt too.

When stuff happens, politics quickly move in and the sheeple hierarchy changes.  ‘Ster has perhaps not been as nice as he might about all of this.  He turned into Top Sheep aka Bully.  We had words.  I am Top Muzzah.

But I guess there was a bit of karma involved as you may remember ‘Bert was vile to Lambie when he was sheared.  The endless butting and being mean was not necessary.

But now they are back to being three happy sheep and I am very relieved. I hate the politics.  It is brutal and distressing to someone who is the under-sheep that day.


5 thoughts on “A Happier Boy

  1. Cathy

    Poor Bert. He does look much happier, and it’s a nice smile. Is there going to be another drama with the other horn? Do they shed them annually like deer?

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love your sheep, Frances. Especially that Lambie pie!!! Glad all is well with these three now.
    So great to read your blog and see your awesome pics every day! Hope your cold will soon be gone.

  3. Linda Loba

    Hooray for /Bert – glad to see that wonky thing gone and him feeling so much better!
    (as to the bullying, boys will be boys I guess, but there always needs to be a “Muzzah” to go in and set things straight…)


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