Daisy and I swapped the Icelandic horses around today.  We wanted to help poor Hetja who is still being unmercilessly plagued by flies and the midges.  Nothing we do helps her.

So we put Hetja, Sóley and Lilja in the stable and moved Iacs, Haakon, Klængur and Kappi (the fatties) into their field, Clothie.

Daisy kindly washed the water trough and added more water as the stream that runs through this field is now drying up.  Haakon was supportive and grateful.

Next up, Taktur, Efstur, Hjalti and Dreki moved up a field. They always need to eat and now we have lots of grass, we will fill them up!

With everyone now in their new respective fields, we put Hetja, Sóley and Lilja into the hill park (field) where the grass is shorter and there is also a huge range of terrain so they can escape the midges and flies. They galloped away and have not been seen since. It is a very big field. I expect they will turn up sooner or later.

So Daisy and I went to work at Turriefield (community veg place) and left the horses to their new grazing.  When we came home this evening, Lambie was sitting by himself at the gate (the Boyzenberries had asked to go into the hill first thing this morning).  He was miserable with the insects.

A discovery: Lambie likes Walker’s cheese and onion crisps!

Begging – oh, the shame.

He is not really making friends here.

So, yes, we are all rather suffering with the midges and flies.  It is the time of year and they are unceasing.  It is all very wearing for everyone.



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