Fat and Well

Fat and well.  Everyone is fat and well.  Here is the photographic evidence.

(Klængur and Haakon mutually grooming each other)

Cerberus, or Dreki, Hjalti and Efstur as they are individually known, are fine.  All developing, changing and growing up fast.

Taktur and Kappi are looking good.

Bibble, sometimes known as Iacs, is superb.  Perhaps a bit too superb but he is old enjoys his superbness.

So, for once, I am not worried about this lot.  They all look perfect and are a very happy little herd, which is the most important bit.

I, on the other hand, am still suffering with my summer cold – I admit I have downgraded it from near-death but even so, I sniff and cough as I go around my daily business.

I went to town today to get some messages (including fly spray, additional healing unguents, gels, ointments, creams, lotions and potions for poor suffering Hetja) and wore the wrong shoes so my feet are hurting and that has added to my self pity.

I am glad to be home, though. It is cooller here with a nice refreshing breeze.

3 thoughts on “Fat and Well

  1. Peter

    I hate a summer cold. Somehow in the winter is seems more normal and you can just wrap up in a blanket and sleep it off. In the summer you ought to be out and about.
    Feel better, this too shall pass.


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